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    There are a million things I would rather do than write my own bio: at home bikini wax, repair drywall, play in traffic … you get the idea. I have never been a fan of the typical “I’ve accomplished this” and “I’ve accomplished that.” It feels impersonal and sterile like a resume. However, this is the “about me” section and so I have to give you some info “about me”. But let’s do this introduction thing differently. I’m going write this bio as if you and I are having a conversation. Like it’s our second date. The one when you know everyone is interested but not sure if they are an axe murderer. So let’s dive a little deeper to find out. Here it goes.




  • Celebrate

    Dear Mama,

    Now that I am a mother (a fact that is still sinking in) my perception of the word “mom” has changed. When I was small, mom meant food and comfort. The soft warm place…

  • Baby Love Celebrate Collaborate

    Ebony Magazine: May 2016

    This month is Mother’s Day and it will be my first time celebrating it as somebody’s momma! For their special issue, Ebony asked me to share my healthy pregnancy regimen. I spoke about what the journey…

  • Baby Love Casa Create DIY My Home

    Boho Baby

        I didn’t choose a typical theme for my son’s nursery.  Instead, I focused on creating  a room filled with things I love, for the one I love.  A room that would help teach him…